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Windmill and daffodils, plein-air painting

Oil, canvas on board, 24*30 cm.

Available for sale: 200 €


To purchase a painting contact me at

This painting was created on the plein-air 27.03.2021.

This windmill is called Riekermolen (1636), it is located near Amstel river. I cycled there from Amsterdam. My aim was to paint these amazing daffodils, which are blooming in the Netherlands in March. Although the weather in March can be very unpredictable.

When I started the painting it was gloomy, but at least no rain. And after 15 minutes hail started. That was a surprise for me! My husband was holding an umbrella for me and I was trying to paint and not to be blown away by the wind:) Eventually, I finished this painting pretty quickly, and I really like how it turned out. 

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