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Comissioned painting

Do you live in Amsterdam or any other beautiful city in the Netherlands?

I can paint a cityscape or a landscape of any location that you choose.

It is important for me to come to the location by myself and to capture the atmosphere. That is why I don't paint by photos, I always paint on the plein-air.


Oil, canvas on board:

24*30 cm - 220 €

30*40 cm - 250 €

How it works:

1. You choose the location that you would like me to paint. It can be a special place in the city, the street with your house, your favourite spot near the canal.

Also, you choose the size of the future painting.


2. We discuss the location and agree on details. I can suggest the best option to paint this place/house/street.

3. You transfer 50 euro prepayment for the materials.

4. I will come to the location and create the painting on the plein-air. 

Note: I will need to wait for good weather conditions when it is not raining and it is not too cold (well, I can also paint in winter with snow, but then the size of the painting has to be smaller. We can discuss that if you would like to order the winter painting).

I may finish the painting in one day, or I will need some more time to add some details at home.

5. I send you the photo of the result. You transfer me the money for the painting.

6. I work with oil paints. These paints need some time to dry out before it is safe to transport the painting. We will have to wait for 2-3 weeks. Then I will be able to bring you the art.

Please keep in mind, that as an artist I have my own style of painting. I am creating art the way I see it, which reflects my vision as an artist. 

If you like my style of painting I would be really glad to create an art piece for you! This would be an original plein-air painting, that will show the atmosphere of the exact place.  

To purchase a painting contact me at

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